Chevrolet Equinox Mysteriously Drives Itself Into New Jersey Traffic

A runaway Chevrolet Equinox narrowly avoided causing a huge crash in New Jersey after crossing over a median strip and onto a highway.

Dashcam footage shows the gloss black SUV slowly exiting a parking lot but curiously, there is no one inside, suggesting that the driver may have left the Chevrolet in Drive and forget to enable the parking brake.

The cammer follows the Equinox as it crosses through a Stop sign before running into a curb. The vehicle was only traveling at walking pace but it still easily maneuvers its way up and over the curb and onto a grass median strip directly adjacent to a highway. The SUV soon rolls down a grassy hill and crosses into traffic.

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Footage shows the quick-thinking driver of a Ford Mustang slam on the brakes of the pony car to avoid hitting the Chevrolet while a silver Dodge Grand Caravan swerves onto the median strip to also avoid collecting the Equinox or the Mustang. Fortunately, the Chevrolet came to a rest in the left-most lane of the highway meaning it didn’t cross over into multiple lanes of traffic which could have been absolutely disastrous.

Like some cars, the Chevrolet Equinox features either a foot-operated parking brake or an electric parking brake depending on the age and specification of the model. For whatever reason, some people don’t use the parking brake when parking and evidently, the owner of this Equinox is one of those people. Forgetting to switch a vehicle with an automatic transmission into Park is also a rather dim-witted thing to do.


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