Chevy Cruze Driver Causes Head-On Collision With Suicidal Overtake

A horrific head-on crash took place recently in Arkhangelsk, Russia, when the driver of a first-generation Chevrolet Cruze decided it was a good idea to overtake the cammer while ignoring the double white line in the middle of the road.

Not only that, they also failed to notice the incoming SUV, which is hard to understand given that visibility clearly wasn’t an issue. They would have been better off just undertaking the car ahead, as there was still room to do so.

As far as we can tell, this was a moderately high-speed impact, since both vehicles were clearly traveling faster than the cammer. The Cruze was definitely the quickest of the bunch at that moment in time, to its detriment, of course.

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According to the description of the video, both drivers were hospitalized, although we have no way of knowing just how bad their injuries were. We could say that the person behind the wheel of the Chevy was extremely lucky to make it out of the wreckage alive.

Back in 2009, the Chevrolet Cruze underwent EuroNCAP crash tests and came away with a very high Adult Occupant score (96%) and a 5-star overall rating, so that (and lady luck/karma/ whatever-whomever one chooses to believe in) probably helped as well.

Now, even though this collision was offset and not directly head-on, we’re fairly certain that the car’s ability to absorb impact forces played a major role in the driver surviving the initial crash. Let’s hope they will recover and that they’ve learned their lesson.


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