Cop Tasers 65-Year-Old “Country Girl” Who Refused To Sign $80 Ticket

A seemingly ordinary traffic stop outside Oklahoma City quickly escalated when a 65-year-old woman refused to sign an $80 ticket.

The police officer had fined the woman for a broken taillight on her Chevrolet Silverado truck but she refused to sign the ticket on grounds that it’s a minor problem that she could fix herself.

The policeman did not buy that and immediately asked the woman to get out of the car as she was under arrest. As the bodycam footage reveals, she wouldn’t have that either so she decided the best thing to do was to drive off.

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That was a bad call, obviously, as the police officer went in pursuit of the Silverado and pulled her over again. This time, he did not ask the woman nicely to step out of the vehicle — he pointed the gun at her while shouting “Get out of the car!”

Scared and probably aware that she went too far, the woman opened the door and the police officer quickly grabbed her and threw her on the ground to handcuff her. The scene is pretty disturbing to watch, especially when the cop tasered the woman because she refused to get handcuffed and even tried to kick him.

Later on when things calmed down, she admitted to the officer that she tried to kick him “‘cause I’m a country girl.” You don’t hear that excuse very often as a policeman. Was all this mess necessary over an $80 fine? Absolutely not, but when people get carried away by anger (police officer included), there’s no telling what the outcome can be.


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