Corvette Z06 Driver Does A Mustang By Attempting Burnout, Ending Up In Ditch

If you’re curious to see what it looks like when you “graduate” from crashing Mustangs to something more expensive like, say, a Corvette Z06, well, this is pretty much it.

The fact that this wasn’t an “innocent” crash is what makes us poke fun at the situation. The driver was clearly trying to show off for the crowd, which is a. ill-advised, and b. oftentimes, bound to end up in tears and humiliation.

Adding insult to injury (thankfully, only material, not human), the stunt took place on a narrow public street, so it’s a good thing no bystanders were hurt.

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So how embarrassing was this on a scale of 1 to Ford Mustang Crashes Into A Bar 10? We’re going to give it a solid 9, because the driver ticked off nearly all the boxes that so often leave us shaking our heads: showing off, check; noise pollution, check; unable to control vehicle, check; putting oneself and others in danger, check; damaging expensive vehicle; check.

The only thing missing was for the driver to crash into another vehicle and just make everything worse for themselves plus another car owner. That would have score a perfect 10 in the Drive of Shame rating.

By the way, if you’re a big Corvette fan, you’re definitely going to cringe towards the end of the clip when the driver attempts to get the car back out onto the road. While successful, you can hear all the underbody damage being taken on by the poor car. Guess saving some face (…) was more important than making sure no more damage was done to the vehicle…

In the end, we think this one got off easy – certainly more so than the elderly driver who crashed his convertible Vette earlier this year and had to be rushed to the hospital.


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