Could The New 2021 BMW M3 Really Look This Ghastly?

The G80-generation BMW M3 is set to look like no other M-branded car before it thanks to the adoption of a radical new front fascia.

Recent spy shots of the new M3 have indicated that it will feature larger and taller kidney grilles than the standard 3-Series models. These new kidney grilles will be somewhat similar in shape to those previewed by the BMW Vision Dynamics Concept and will feature bold horizontal slats.

Armed with the latest spy shots, Bimmer Post set about rendering what the new 3-Series will look like and this is the final product. We’re not sure what to think.

The two huge kidneys of the new M3 are what immediately catches your eyes and certainly help to differentiate the car from lesser 3-Series models. Additionally, the grilles are also a little more aggressive than those used by the likes of the 7-Series and X7. We still think they look absolutely ghastly, however.

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The car does feature a number of redeeming qualities which we do approve of. For example, the rear features a beefed-up bumper and a small trunklid lip spoiler. There are also a set of sharp silver and black wheels, a carbon fiber rear bumper insert, quad tailpipes, and a carbon fiber roof. Headlights similar to those of the 8-Series are also a nice touch.

According to our sources, the new BMW M3 and M4 are scheduled to both launch in mid-2020 as 2021 models. The models will be powered by the same 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six engine as the X3 M and X4 M, meaning they will deliver 473 hp in standard guise and 503 hp in Competition spec.

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