Daniel Ricciardo Enjoys His Clio V6, Orders An Aston Valkyrie As Well

Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo may not be enjoying the on-track success with the Renault F1 team he was hoping for this year, but a lucrative contract does mean he can to indulge more than ever before.

Top Gear recently had the opportunity to interview Ricciardo (while driving a Renault Clio V6) and learned that he has an Aston Martin Valkyrie on order. We first discovered this in late 2017 but there was some speculation that the racer may have lost his build slot for jumping ship from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing at the end of the 2018 season.

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Perhaps of more interest is that the racer recently purchased a Ferrari 275 GTS. He is very reluctant to mention the name ‘Ferrari’, but appears pretty happy with his purchase. Those familiar with the 275 GTS will know that it was sold in a plethora of different forms and Ricciardo didn’t specify the exact model he now owns. Prices vary widely, but if the F1 racer got himself a rare one, it could be worth over $2 million.

Later on in the video, Ricciardo says he actually enjoys being a passenger seat on the road and isn’t all that keen to get behind the wheel of the Clio V6, but Top Gear’s Jack Rix manages to convince him to get into the driver’s seat. Driving Renaults as company cars rather than the Aston Martins he was provided with at Red Bull is a change but with a contract said to be worth over $60 million for two years, he’s probably not very bothered.


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