Dashcam Footage Reveals Who Really Is To Blame For This Crash

If you’ve ever questioned the usefulness of having a dashcam in your car, this video might convince you that buying one is well worth the money.

Limited details about this incident shared on Reddit are known, but the title of the thread says that two witnesses blamed the driver with the dashcam. This footage reveals that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The crashed occurred in Orange County, California on a very wet day. The cammer can be seen driving along the left lane of a motorway when a sedan slowly begins to overtake from the right. However, this driver was clearly going a little too fast for the conditions and the car quickly aquaplanes directly in front of the cammer.

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As the sedan slides around, it slams into the concrete crash barrier of the highway. The cammer quickly pulls over, and while the video posted doesn’t include any audio, the footage itself is revealing. Unless something very bizarre had happened before, which is not shown in the video, this is as clear-cut as they come.

While there are a number of expensive dashcams on the market, there are many cheaper alternatives available online which can record in 1080P or even 4K (which, frankly, unless you plan on making a Netflix movie, you don’t really need right now). Spending $50 on a dashcam could save you thousands, so you might want to think about it next time you visit an electronics store.

Accident Video

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