DIY Reminder, Never Skimp On Masking Tape When Smoking Your Lights

Smoked taillights are almost always cool but the owner of this Chevrolet Cruze has eroded some of our faith in what darkened lights can look like.

This image shared on Reddit shows a white Cruze waiting at a traffic light with a smoked taillight on its left side. Presumably, the right taillight has also been blackened and on first impressions, it doesn’t look too bad.

Take a closer look, though, and you will notice something odd. Around the outside of the taillight is an obvious impression left behind by masking tape which was stuck on to prevent black paint from touching the the car’s white exterior. However, the DIYer responsible for this little modification failed to account for just how much overspray would be caused when using black paint across the taillight.

Sometimes even the easiest jobs can be botched

The paint is visible across much of the rear of the car, including directly above and below the taillight. It looks horrible. We suspect that if the driver didn’t immediately recognize their mistake after the little DIY job, they’ll inevitably notice the black overspray at some stage. When they do, they may be in for a little bit of a shock.

It’s not hard to smoke the taillights of your car. In fact, car owners can use a selection of different paints and spray tints to achieve the desired effect. It’s even possible to smoke a car’s taillights with removable Plasti Dip which means you’ll be able to easily rub-off any overspray you may get.


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