Dodge Charger Hellcat Configurator Allows For Some Really Wacky Color Combos

Did you ever venture onto an online car configurator just to see what type of crazy color combinations you can come up with? Well, we have, and (of course) we toyed with a performance car rather than an econobox.

The model chosen for our little experiment is the 2019 Charger SRT Hellcat, which allows you to really go all out on its exterior configuration, choosing between 14 different paints and four different wheel designs to go with the available stripes and decals.

Meet The Dodge Charger ‘Purple Meltdown Edition’

There! We’ve even given “our” car a name, too, and we’re going to tell you exactly how we arrived at this specific configuration.

First, we went with the stock red calipers. Next came the “Plum Crazy” paint job (because, well, name…) that we matched with a set of $1,195 20-inch Dark Bronze alloy rims. By not going with a Gloss Black roof and opting for the $995 Dual Blue Stripes instead meant that we ended up with a dual-tone orange and black top, despite not opting for anything even remotely orange. Strange, that one…

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We did, however, go for the $1,995 Satin Black Painted Hood, even though it’s admittedly not the best of combos, unless we’re talking gloss black in very small doses (like mirror casings, spoilers etc.).

In the end, our ‘Purple Meltdown Edition’ Charger Hellcat ended up costing $72,995. Not exactly affordable, but hey, it’s not like we spent real money either…

If, like us, you want to experiment and see what you can come up with, you can access the online configurator right here. And if you feel like it, you can share your creation with us and the rest of our readers as well.

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