Does The Mercedes-AMG A35 Perform As Advertised In The Real World?

With the introduction of the AMG A35, Mercedes can finally rival the Audi S3 Sportback and BMW M135i.

This is the most affordable AMG money can buy, yet due to the fact that it slots under the upcoming A45 and A45 S and doesn’t pack the grunt we’re used to from Affalterbach’s products, it was initially met with some skepticism.

The truth is, while all those arguments are valid, there’s lots to like about the A35, starting with its performance. With 4.7 seconds for the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint and a 250 km/h (155 mph) electronically limited top speed, it sure is pretty fast. As it should, given that its 2.0-liter turbo four puts out 306 PS (302 HP) and is hooked up to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and all-wheel drive.

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You may be wondering if those numbers are achievable in the real world by the average Joe – which is exactly what Motorsport Magazine’s latest video is all about. We won’t spoil the outcome, but let’s just say that the “baby AMG” delivers on its promises.

With that kind of output, we were never in doubt about that top speed. What the footage reveals is that the A35 accelerates pretty hard even after the 200 km/h (124 mph) mark, and although it doesn’t max out, with a bit more space it would have hit that limiter easily.


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