Doing A J-Turn In A Smart Car Is Not So Smart

Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie, seen the protagonist perform a perfect J-turn and thought to yourself ‘I could do that’? You’re not alone.

Performing a perfect J-turn is an excellent way to show off your driving skills but unless you’re a police officer, or perhaps a Hollywood stunt driver, serves absolutely no functional purpose. Nonetheless, the driver of this Smart ForTwo somewhere in the UK thought it would be a good idea to try one. Things went downhill fast. Very fast.

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One important thing to note about the Smart ForTwo is that while it is a small and agile car, it does have a high center of gravity and is similar in stature to a vehicle like the Suzuki Jimny just on a smaller scale. What this means is that while the ForTwo may be good at zipping through narrow city streets, it can become quite unstable at high speeds, particularly when the driver is being is not…thinking straight – too put it gently.

As the following motorist reversed in the car and aggressively tugs at the steering wheel, the Smart immediately tips up on two wheels and rolls onto its roof. As it slides down the road, it continues to spin and roll before eventually coming to a stop.

The driver doesn’t seem to have been injured in the crash and can be heard shouting out to his friends who were watching. Hopefully, the driver has another car to now get around in because the Smart car sustained a significant amount of damage and probably won’t be back on the roads for quite some time, if ever.


“I’ll give you £20 if you can J-Turn a Smart car” 😂Credit: Charlie Burns

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