Donald Trump Attacks Automakers For Not Supporting Emissions Rollback

U.S. President Donald Trump issued a series of attacks on car makers for not supporting his administration’s plan to roll back Obama-era fuel efficiency rules, singling out Ford in particular for reaching an agreement with California on the matter.

The Trump administration has said that the reason behind easing up on EPA’s fuel efficiency and emissions standards is to lower the overall vehicle costs so that more people can afford a new car.

Ford, along with Honda, BMW and VW, reached an agreement with California on emissions standards, defying Trump’s efforts to stop the state from imposing its own set of rules.

In a series of tweets Trump called the car makers “politically correct” before targeting Ford.

Ford said in a statement that they’re focused on protecting the environment and the affordability of their models. “This agreement with California provides regulatory stability while reducing CO2 more than complying with two different standards,” the car maker said, according to Reuters.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra also responded to President Trump’s comments, saying that the administration’s emissions rollback would result in an additional 540 million metric tons of greenhouse gases and other harms. “This doesn’t look like a better alternative to us,” he commented.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers that represents GM, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and others said that they “look forward to seeing a final rule soon. We support increases to standards that optimize all the priorities, including affordability so more Americans can buy a new car, plus preserving jobs and safety at the same time.”

The White House has urged other car makers not to back the voluntary California agreement, with Democrats doing the opposite. The EPA also tried to devalue California’s voluntary framework, saying that so far it has been nothing more than a press release.

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