Driver Rams Into Crowd, Right In Front Of Several Police Officers

A scary scene was caught on video in Denver over the weekend as a driver of a Chevrolet Cobalt was filmed ramming into a crowd of people.

According to NBC News, Denver police responded to a fight in the city’s LoDo entertainment district at approximately 2 a.m. on Sunday. As police were investigating and trying to keep the crowd under control, someone got into the passenger side of a Cobalt that was waiting in the middle of the street.

For reasons unknown, the driver of the Cobalt then revved the engine and accelerated into the crowd. As the sound of screeching tires is heard, the car rams into a man in a white t-shirt. He lands of the hood of the car and eventually falls to the ground.

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At around the same time, the car strikes another person who is also thrown onto the hood. He manages to hang on a few seconds, before jumping free and landing in the middle of an intersection.

The car then takes off as the crowd surrounds the injured people. NBC says they were taken to a nearby hospital, but both weren’t seriously hurt.

The video is rather shocking and it’s hard to believe that someone would do this – let alone in front of at least four or five police officers. Regardless, police are looking for the driver and they could have some issues finding them as the original video – which can be seen here (NSFW) – doesn’t appear to be clear enough to make out the Cobalt’s license plate.


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