Dune Bashing 101: This Is How You Tackle The Sands, Seat Tarraco-Style

We’ve all seen those crazy Middle Easterners go dune bashing, but those antics most often than not end up in tears, as many tend to take it over the top – pun intended…

Not getting stuck in the sand takes practice and some knowledge, so Seat has released a short guide on how to tackle dunes. Taking its Tarraco SUV in Morocco’s Merzouga desert, the Spanish automaker has explained what needs to be done in six simple steps.

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First, you’ll need to lower the tire pressure by about 1.5 bars, according to the head of Pre-development, Patents and Innovation at Seat, Stefan Ilijevic. Then you’re going to have to deactivate the Electronic Stability Control to keep the wheels from locking.

All-wheel drive is greatly appreciated, and the Tarraco checks this box. It also features six different driving modes, and for dune conquering, Ilijevic chose the ‘Off-Road’, using the rotary dial. His advice is to start by accelerating on a diagonal tilt, using only the first or second gear, keeping the speed between 20 and 30 km/h (12-19 mph) and not braking before crossing the dune’s summit.

Not that difficult, really, to have some fun at the sand, as long as you adhere to those basic rules. So, if you want to see Seat put their money where their mouth is, you can scroll down and watch the Tarraco demonstrate its versatility on video.


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