Elderly Ram Driver Swipes Tesla After Crossing Into Opposing Traffic

The 82-year-old driver of a Ram pickup truck in the United States has been slammed online for fleeing the scene after crashing into a Tesla Model 3 in the United States.

Dashcam footage from onboard the dark blue Model 3 shows the electric sedan approaching a slight left-hand bend in the road when an approaching dark red Ram 1500 pickup truck comes into view and crosses into the opposing lane, hitting the Tesla.

An image shared showing the damage sustained to the Model 3 indicates that the Ram first made contact with the Tesla right around the driver’s side front fender. As the two vehicles passed each other, the front of the Ram continued to slide down the side of the Tesla, damaging the doors and destroying one of the rear wheels.

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The impact may not appear to be all that strong in the video but it was enough to send the Tesla fishtailing down the road. The driver was unable to control the slide and the sedan ended up spinning down into a grass ditch on the side of the road.

Taking on Twitter, the neighbor of the Tesla driver hit claims that the Ram driver fled the scene but police were able to get his license plate when reviewing the footage.

It remains to be seen if authorities have spoken with the elderly driver but with their plate number at hand, it’s hard to imagine police not taking further action.


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