Expert Engine Builder Believes Stock 2020 Supra Block Can Handle 1,000 HP

With customer deliveries of the 2020 Supra now underway, tuning companies and engine builders have started getting their hands on Toyota’s new sports car.

One of the big questionmarks surrounding the latest-generation Supra since its launch has related to its BMW-sourced engine and whether or not it will be a fitting successor to the famous 2JZ six of the previous-gen.

This video from PapadakisRacing proves that yes, the B58 has been very well built indeed and can handle extreme amounts of power.

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The tuner plans on taking the Supra’s standard 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder that, straight out of the factory, pumps out 335 HP and take it up to at least 1,000 horses. To see if the stock engine block and crankshaft can handle that much power, the engine shop purchased an all-new Supra just to get their hands on the engine and proceeded to strip it down.

BMW has been building the B58 since 2015 and it has already proven itself time and time again to be easy and reliable to modify. However, we have no doubt that with the weight of the Supra tuning community behind it, interest in it will skyrocket and upgrade packages will soon start showing up in droves.

This year’s SEMA Show is shaping up to be one of the most memorable in recent years as we expect to see dozens of modified examples, some converted for drift use, others with distinctive bodykits and, inevitably, a number of them with extraordinary amounts of power squeezed out of their engines.


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