Ferrari 488 Pista And McLaren 720S Put On A Show By Racing Each Other

The 488 Pista could be considered as Ferrari’s true rival to the McLaren 720S, even though it is more stripped-down and track-focused than the British supercar.

When McLaren launched its brand new Super Series a couple of years ago, it absolutely blew away the competition thanks to its slippery shape and potent 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that officially delivers 710 HP but, in reality, is thought to pump out much more than that.

At the time, the 720S made the Ferrari 488 GTB seem slow in comparison, but it didn’t take long for the Italians to fight back with the 488 Pista.

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Eager to see how the Ferrari compares to the Macca in a straight line, the owners of a silver 720S and a red 488 Pista lined up alongside each other for a series of rolling drag races.

It’s important to note that the following clip was filmed on the street, which is not advisable, especially at the kinds of speeds these cars were traveling. This kind of tests are best suited to a track but, nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see how the two compare.

Both the 720S and 488 Pista in question have been tuned by the same aftermarket company with new exhausts. We don’t have dyno figures to compare the duo but based on the results, would not be surprised to learn that the McLaren responded a little better to the mod and has more grunt on tap than the Ferrari. You can see judge for yourselves by viewing the clip that follows.


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