Ferrari’s New Hybrid Supercar To Pack 986 HP, Premiere On May 31

An all-new hybrid from Ferrari, the first of four new supercars Maranello will launch this year, has been the talk of the motoring world for quite some time now. Apparently, we’ll see it in a couple of weeks, namely on May 31 – and it will pack almost a thousand horsepower.

The Italian brand’s chief executive Louis Camilleri first revealed that a new hybrid supercar would launch following a recent Q1 2019 earnings call. Camilleri failed to offer many details about the new vehicle other than confirming that it will sit above the 812 Superfast in the company’s range.

Confirmation that the vehicle will pump out 986 hp comes thanks to an official invitation to the Maranello unveiling that was posted on the Ferrari Chat forum.

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The specs of the hybrid powertrain are not known just yet, but there has been talk about it being a twin-turbo V6. However, since it will have more power than the LaFerrari, we think a hybridized V8 is very likely. Performance should be blistering and we wouldn’t be surprised if it outpaces Maranello’s current headliner.

Mind you, this is not a successor to the LaFerrari, as that vehicle is still some time away. Think of the relationship between the two in a similar way to the McLaren Speedtail and the older P1: while the Speedtail is faster than the P1, it is definitely not its replacement but, instead, a more useable hypercar.

Pricing for the new Ferrari hybrid supercar remains unclear but Ferrari Chat users speculate a starting price of around €600,000 ($673,790).

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