Ford Teases A Small Pickup – But What Exactly Is It?

Ford has released a teaser video of a compact and boxy pickup truck that has caught up by surprise – and caused quite a fuss on social media.

Details about the vehicle teased are virtually non-existent at the moment, and all we can gather from the video is that it will be short, stumping, and much smaller than other pickups like the Ranger and F-150.

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A weird theory says that this might not be a real vehicle after all – and that’s because, at the very end of the video, the narrator says “coming soon to a keyboard near you.” Some Twitter users assert this indicates that Ford has simply designed a pickup truck emoji which could be rolled out as part of Apple’s iOS 13 software.

While that’s an interesting take, footage at the start of the teaser shows a number of sketches for the new Ford pickup and even shows a woman working on what appears to be a life-size clay model. Going to so much trouble for an emoji doesn’t really make much sense.

Taking to Twitter, Ford North America product communications manager Mike Levine offered some additional details about the vehicle.

“Some super cool truck news coming this week. Will meet a huge unmet need,” the first tweet reads. A second tweet states “All this Ranger speculation about this week’s truck needs. If you like small trucks you won’t be disappointed.” Levine’s final tweet says no spy photos of the pickup have been snapped.

It’s all rather mysterious and the teaser video doesn’t even make mention when the release will take place but hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to see what Ford has up its sleeve.



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