Genesis G70 Does A 180-Reverse Slide Onto A Single Lane Ramp

Baby Driver has proven to be a critically acclaimed car flick, with plenty of high-speed action starring a very talented wheelman played by Ansel Elgort.

The folks at Genesis were obviously impressed by the on-screen stuff and decided to recreate some of those stunts using their own G70 sports sedan, driven by professional racing driver and stunt driver Tanner Foust.

Dubbed ‘Art of the Stunt’, these videos are meant to showcase just how agile of a car the G70 is and what it can do when there’s a really talented person behind the wheel. In the first episode of the three-part series, Foust executed a spectacular maneuver from the Fast and the Furious. Episode two, though, was all about Baby Driver and pulling off a 180-reverse-to-drift move.

The third, and final, episode of the series also features a Baby Driver-inspired stunt, where Foust again needs to pull off a 180-degree spin without losing control of the car. However, unlike in the previous one, this particular stunt also involves combining the 180 slide with a reversing motion onto a single lane ramp.

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Not to nitpick or anything, but the footage cuts away from the stunt at precisely the wrong time in order to show Foust flooring the throttle. Which is all nice and dandy, but we’d like to see the whole shebang without any interruptions, since Foust’s (or the G70s, for that matter) ability to pull this off is not under question anyway…


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