Guardrail Impales Tesla Model 3, Driver Makes It Out Unhurt!

There are many lucky people on this Earth; and there’s this Tesla Model 3 driver, who miraculously escaped unharmed after a freak accident.

Their Model 3 was pierced from front to back by a guardrail in Dade County, Florida, with the metal bar entering through the front bumper, crossing through the middle of the passenger compartment and exiting through the trunk.

Naturally, the severe accident attracted a lot of attention from bystanders, and some of them took videos that they posted on social media. According to their descriptions, the crash took place in Dade County, Florida and, most importantly, the driver escaped unhurt!

Imagine that: a car gets impaled by a massive guardrail and the driver gets to walk away unscathed. If that’s not a miracle escape, we don’t know what is…

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There aren’t many details available at the moment about the crash, but we’re willing to bet speed and/or distraction played a role in it. The particular Model 3 is apparently registered in Memphis, Tennessee. Interestingly, the videos show the car’s lights function despite the big metal bar that split it in half. Even the infotainment screen appears to be in working order, which means the electrical system wasn’t damaged by the crash.

Feel free to fill us in on this crash if you know more details about how it happened and what exactly is the condition of the driver. If the comments are true and they indeed escaped without any injuries, then they should count their blessings. And, if possible, ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again.


This driver should play the lotto

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