Guy Martin Drives A 1,000 HP Tractor To Record-Setting 103.6 MPH

Guy Martin has set a world record for the fastest tractor, accelerating a yellow and black custom machine to 103.6 mph (166.7 km/h).

The title was once held by Top Gear’s The Stig who piloted a custom unit through to a top speed of 87.271 mph. Martin was able to easily exceed the speed behind the wheel of a modified Fastrac farm tractor from J.C. Bamford.

Powering it is a 7.2-liter, six-cylinder DieselMax engine which pumps out an extraordinary 1,000 hp and 1843 lb-ft (2500 Nm) of torque. Williams Advanced Engineering was called in to refine the aerodynamics, alloweing it to sprint past 100 mph on its way to a new world record.

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“It had been a great day with the JCB at Elvington, proper job with some right proper engineers. She felt rock steady on the runway, job’s a peach,” Guy Martin said after the run.

“We’ve long harboured a dream to attempt a speed record with the Fastrac and the whole team has worked tirelessly to achieve this amazing result,” added JCB chairman Lord Bamford. “I’m extremely proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time.

JCB has a surprising amount of experience when it comes to creating exceptionally fast vehicles. In 2006, the company secured a land speed record for diesel powered vehicles when its bespoke ‘Dieselmax’ vehicle hit a two-way average of over 350 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

A documentary set to air on British television later this year will detail Guy Martin’s record-breaking tractor run.


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