Honda City Car Lets You Take A Hot Bath And Relax While Being Driven Around

Have you ever been driving along and started to wish that your car had an onboard hot spring which you could jump into to enjoy a warm bath? Maybe, maybe not.

In any case, Korean designer Hanbeom Lee did have that thought and has dreamed up a Honda city car concept which includes a section of the interior which can be filled with warm, relaxing water.

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The concept, dubbed the Onsen, is quite small, thanks to its use of an all-electric powertrain. This has allowed the designer to create quite a spacious cabin despite the car only being slightly larger than a VW Golf. One half of the car is fairly traditional and features a bench seat, although that is facing backwards.

Things get interesting with the other half of the cabin. This area is essentially a cylindrical cell which uses gimbal technology to remain suspended within the body of the car. This cell is watertight and at the press of a button, users can have it filled with water. The seats also provide massage functionalities and there’s an outlet to funnel all of the steam out of the cabin. Dubbed an ‘autonomous bath-able vehicle’, this is certainly one of the most intriguing interior designs we’ve ever come across.

Is there any interest from consumers for vehicles with internal hot springs? We doubt it, but there probably haven’t been any consumer surveys conducted on this matter, so we don’t really know. Plus, with the advent of fully autonomous vehicles, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to spend your time while being chauffeured around, would it?

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