Honda CR-V Rolls Over After Close Encounter With Dodge Challenger

American cars are known around the world as being big, heavy brutes and their sheer size (among other things) doesn’t make them that popular outside of the U.S. However, the owner of a Dodge Challenger in Taiwan is probably quite happy they drive a beastly muscle car as opposed to one of the small hatchbacks that dominate the country’s roads.

This clip was apparently filmed on Highway 1 in Taiwan. It is from late 2016, but recently resurfaced on Reddit and

As traffic begins to slow on the highway, a black Challenger can be seen just ahead of the cammer in the middle lane. A white Honda CR-V soon comes into view and drifts into the lane of the Dodge. Perhaps the Honda driver was distracted or was dozing off behind the wheel but whatever the explanation is, the result is quite hilarious.

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The moment the front right tire of the CR-V hits the rear three-quarter area of the Challenger, the SUV springs into the air and rolls over onto its side. Considering how slight the contact with the Dodge was, it’s quite shocking to see the Honda turn over so easily.

You could say that the rock-solid American body of the Dodge is the reason why the CR-V turned over. However, it is far more likely that it is simply the angle at which the Honda hit the Dodge which contributed to the carnage that followed.


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