Honda Cuts Back Production Of Civic And Accord, Acura Is Not Affected – Yet

Honda is cutting back on of the Accord and Civic at its Marysville Auto Plant and Honda Manufacturing of Indiana sites, Motor 1 reports.

Earlier this week, The Detroit Bureau reported that the Japanese car manufacturer was “slashing” production of the Honda CR-V, Accord, Acura ILX, and Acura TLX at its Marysville, Ohio production site.

Honda has since clarified the exact production adjustments it is making, following a statement in April that changes were being made at its Ohio plant.

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As of August 1, Honda has temporarily suspended its second shift on Line 1 at Marysville. Current plans call for production on this line to “return in a few years” but, until then, the Accord and Civic that will be primarily impacted by this change.

A statement issued by the automaker says that pausing the second shift at Ohio will also affect the Honda Manufacturing of Indiana facility, as both sites build the CR-V and some CR-V production will be shifted to Indiana. Honda added that the move will “not impact Acura production at this time.”

“To provide a bit of additional context, this change is really about maintaining Honda’s sales discipline and smart management of our business by aligning supply with current market demand and then using this time to update manufacturing capabilities to prepare for new technologies including electrification,” Honda spokesperson Chris Abbruzzese added in a statement. “While market demand continues to shift from sedans to light trucks, Honda remains committed to a robust sedan business as passenger cars remain popular, particularly among young and multicultural car buyers, who are critical to Honda’s future.”

The Detroit Bureau stresses the fact that sales for the Accord have fallen by 5.9 per cent this year, while demand for the CR-V has increased by 2.5 per cent as the reasons for those changes.

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