Hyundai Creta Driver Causes Severe Accident, Flees The Scene On Foot

This is poor decision making at its “finest”, with the driver of the grey, first-gen Hyundai Creta crossover clearly ignoring common sense and, instead of waiting for the coast to be clear, well… you can see for yourselves what happened.

There was literally no reason to assume that a car wouldn’t be approaching on the second lane, so proceeding forward from behind that passenger van is a pretty inexplicable decision – something only an inexperienced or inattentive driver would do.

The crash took place last Thursday, June 6, in Saratov, Russia, and the only victim was an old Chevrolet Spark (or is it Daewoo Matiz?) hatchback; which, by the way, is not exactly the safest car in the world…. Of course, it’s possible that a rollover crash would have occurred even with a bigger and more stable vehicle than the Chevy, given the way the vehicles crashed into each other.

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Oftentimes, it doesn’t take a violent impact to cause a vehicle to lose its balance. All it takes is a jolt at the right angle and you’ll soon find yourself either on your side or upside down, depending on weight and momentum.

With this particular crash, we’re also dealing with a relatively unsafe car by today’s standards, so we can only hope that its driver and any potential occupants made it out unscathed, or at least with minimal, and non-life threatening, injuries.

We also recommend watching the footage until the very end, because that’s when the most shocking part of the video kicks in. The driver of the Hyundai takes off from the scene of the crash and dumps the car in a ditch while attempting to escape on foot, together with multiple individuals who might actually to be teenagers – which would explain a lot.


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