Hyundai Will Use AI To Automatically Alert Authorities To Injuries After Crashes

Hyundai has partnered with Israeli start-up MDGo to develop the next-generation of advanced safety systems.

A press release issued by the two companies states that they will work together to bring MDGo’s intelligent injury analysis system to Hyundai vehicles.

This system uses a complex AI algorithm which measures the attributes applied to passengers in real-time and is able to automatically alert emergency services and medical facilities about the possible injuries someone has suffered in a crash.

“MDGo possesses exceptional AI analysis technology optimized for driver safety,” president and chief innovation officer of Hyundai, Youngcho Chi, said. “Through this technology, we expect a significant improvement in the emergency medical services of vehicles in the short-term while our long-term goal is to provide innovations in passenger experience of vehicle safety utilizing new technology that enable real-time physical monitoring.”

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The Israeli company’s system works so rapidly that, within seven seconds of a collision being recorded, emergency services are sent a detailed analysis of potential injuries. In addition, MDGo’s technology is constantly learning and refining its interpretation of different accident scenarios and will only get more accurate as time goes on.

Various sensors embedded within a vehicle are capable of monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, and even various neural functions.

Hyundai has not said when safety systems such as those developed by MDGo will hit the market – only that the partnership forms part of its vision of ‘freedom of mobility’ to limit accidents in its vehicles and their impacts on customers.

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