If Toyota Were To Revive The MR2, It’d Rather Do It With Porsche

Could Toyota follow up the recent launch of the 2020 Supra with the resurrection of yet another iconic sports car from its stable?

For years, there have been reports that Toyota could revive the iconic MR2, but there has never been any type of confirmation from the company that it is indeed working on such a project.

However, Auto Industriya had the opportunity to ask Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada about the possibility of a modern-day MR2 and which automaker they would want to work with to make it happen.

“Porsche!”, In response, Tada-san exclaimed. Which, we think, would really make the perfect partner for a mid-engined compact sports car.

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The Japanese automaker famously partnered with Subaru to bring the 86 to life and then with BMW to make the fifth-gen Supra. As the market for sports cars has slowly declined in recent years, Toyota has shown that one way to still produce such vehicles is to collaborate with another car manufacturer to share research, development, and production costs. In theory, it could do just that with Porsche to create a new MR2.

Tada stopped short of saying anything more about a new MR2, but it did get us thinking. The previous model featured a mid-engined layout, and so do both the Porsche Boxster and Cayman. It would, therefore, make for an ideal match – but we don’t know what Weissach thinks about that, so for now, that’s all wishful thinking.

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