Illinois May Increase Annual EV Registration Fees From $17.50 To $1000

Lawmakers in Illinois have proposed a hike in registration fees for electric vehicles across the state.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the bill introduced last week by Chicago state Sen. Martin Sandoval would see annual registration fees for electric vehicles rise to $1000, almost 60 times more than the current amount of $17.50. In addition, the state’s gas tax would be more than doubled to 44 cents a gallon while the registration for standard vehicles would jump from $148 to $98.

Officials from the state assert that the legislation will raise $2.4 billion for future projects, including improvements to roadways.

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The reason why Illinois officials are targeting electric vehicles with huge registration vehicles is quite simple; it doesn’t collect any gas tax revenue from EVs. However, the proposal has upset electric vehicle owners in the state, including 56-year-old Tesla owner Nicoletta Skarlatos.

“It’s outrageous. I thought Illinois was progressive and would want to encourage EV (electric vehicle) ownership,” she said.

In a statement, a spokesman from electric vehicle startup Rivian said the proposal would discourage the adoption of EVs.

“Imposing fees on EVs that are over 400 percent more than their gasoline-powered counterparts is not only unfair, it discourages promising new technology that will reduce our dependence on petroleum, reduce emissions, and promote the Illinois economy.”

There are currently about 15,000 electric vehicles registered across Illinois.

“Every automaker has broadcast loud and clear that the future of automotive is autonomous and electric,” Edmunds analyst Jeremy Acevedo said. “Certainly, going from $17.50 to $1,000 in terms of registration, isn’t going to move the needle in the direction the industry is hoping.”

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