Is That A Leaf Blower Under Your Hood Or Are You Happy To See The Cops?

The owner of a Holden Commodore in Australia was pulled over by police earlier this week – and what the officers found under the hood really has to be seen to be believed.

The New South Wales Police Force halted the Commodore to conduct a random breathalyzer and drugs test. They soon discovered that not only was the driver unfit to navigate his vehicle, but the car itself also shouldn’t have even been on the road.

Authorities first noticed that the tires were seriously worn and, upon opening up the hood, discovered a Black & Decker leaf blower mounted next to the engine. The snail-like shape of the leaf blower means it does somewhat resemble a large turbocharger and, according to the owner, it had actually been hooked up to the battery and was funneling air into the engine.

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At 12 Midday on Tuesday the 16th of July, police undertaking Random Testing operations in Dharruk stopped a White Holden…

Gepostet von Traffic and Highway Patrol Command – NSW Police Force am Dienstag, 16. Juli 2019

It’s hard to say if using a leaf blower would actually work like that, but it’s possible that it could direct more air through the intake and into the engine, thus creating more power. We can’t imagine it being very efficient, however, nor would we ever suggest doing such a thing.

Meanwhile, the drug test triggered a positive reading for methamphetamines and the driver was placed under arrest and underwent a second test at a local police station, which also came up positive. He was immediately hit with a 24-hour driving prohibition notice and a defect notice for his car. If laboratory results come back positive for the illicit substance, the man will likely face a steep fine and driving suspension.

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