Jaguar C-X55 Concept Is Inspired By The Frame Of A Tennis Racket

Dubbed the GT Vision C-X55, this Jaguar-branded concept was created as a thesis project. Yet, its design is extremely innovative and we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it take to the track in real life.

Yoan Tsonev and Georgi Stoyanov are credited for this creation, which was even made into a scale model, as a proof of concept type of thing – and proof is definitely what you need when you’re dealing with something as forward-thinking as an active cockpit.

Say what?

You read that correctly. This concept features an active cockpit design, where the entire cab can move either forward or backward depending on what type of weight distribution you’re looking for on a specific part of the race track. It’s this part of the car that was inspired by the frame of a tennis racket, thus the string-like mechanism comprised of Kevlar tension ropes.

“The user can control this function to improve his cornering and set faster lap times”

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As for its power train, according to FormTrends, it features four motors (one for each wheels), a super-capacitor and two inverters. There’s also no gearbox, for a better power-to-weight ratio – clever but not innovative (see the Koenigsegg Regera).

Overall, this is one seriously aggressive-looking vehicle, evident not just by the massive flared wheel arches, but also the dual-split rear wing and canopy-like windshield. It also features thin LED lights at the front, an aerodynamic body kit, massive wheels and wing-mounted rear lights, somewhat similar to modern-day Formula One cars.

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