James May Thinks The Tesla Model S P100D Is The Greatest Muscle Car Ever

James May is a true rev-head through and through.

Not only has the British journalist been testing the finest petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles for decades, he also owns an enviable collection of motorcycles and cars. So, can the journalist be won over by the electric car to set hearts racing unlike any other before it, the Tesla Model S P100D?

May recently had the opportunity to sample the car in a video published on Drive Tribe. Much like his recent Honda Civic Type R review, this isn’t a particularly long video but does highlight most of the key aspects of the electric sedan.

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In terms of driving, The Grand Tour host is impressed, calling the Model S P100D “the greatest muscle car America has ever produced.” The Tesla certainly isn’t a muscle car in the traditional, gas-guzzling sense of the word but it does provide the straight-line performance once only achievable by supercars and muscle cars.

The interior isn’t quite as impressive. Many people love the minimalist design of the Model S’s cabin but like May, we also think it is a little too uninspiring for a vehicle of this price. Sure, it has an extremely good infotainment system but other than a huge screen, there’s nothing particularly impressive about the interior.

One interesting criticism May has of the Model S is its trunk. More specially, just how large it is. According to the journalist, no one needs as much trunk space as the Tesla offers and he thinks it would just encourage owners to carry things around they don’t need just because they have the room for it.


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