James May Unpimps A Porsche 911 Carrera S

James May is back with his latest episode of ‘Unpimp My Ride’ and this is certainly the most absurd installment in the Drive Tribe series yet.

May, perhaps left with no other cars to ‘unmodify’, presents a Porsche 997-generation 911 Carrera S which he claims to own. He proudly states that not a single part of it isn’t standard. However, the car does feature something it shouldn’t.

As May describes, found within the car’s leather wallet – which contains the owners’ manual, service booklet, and other pieces of important information – is the insurance cover note for a motorcycle which May used to own. As the respected automotive journalist says, this is “casual.”

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In all likelihood, The Grand Tour host intentionally put the insurance cover note in the car’s glovebox just to film this video. Nevertheless, it is still worth watching, primarily for the fact that it is so absurd and will likely get more views than most long-form Porsche 911 reviews found on YouTube.

While the presenter likes to keep his private life private, he is known to have quite an extensive collection of cars and motorcycles. Among the cars he owns is a bespoke Ferrari 458 Speciale painted in an eye-catching shade of orange with gold wheels and silver racing stripes. Other cars thought to be owned by May include a BMW i3 and a Fiat Panda, a vehicle which he repeatedly expressed his adoration for during his days on Top Gear.


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