Jaw-Dropping Bugatti Aerolithe Concept Pays A Visit To Jay Leno

If you like classic Bugattis, then you’ve probably already heard of the Aerolithe, a recreation of Molsheim’s own concept that shocked the automotive world with its magnesium-alloy bodywork at the 1935 Paris Auto Show.

The car featured here had to be created basically from scratch, since the original Electron concept mysteriously disappeared soon after its debut in 1935.

The Guild of Automotive Restorers in Ontario, Canada is responsible for this jaw-dropping creation, creating the whole car out of just 11 images of the original concept. The team had also had to find a way of working with magnesium, which is extremely hard and not to mention flammable above a certain temperature -hence the bodywork’s externally riveted panels.

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It took thousands of man hours to complete what is now considered one of the greatest pieces of industrial art deco in the world and not just one very expensive recreation of a pre-war concept.

The car itself uses a genuine Bugatti chassis, engine, transmission and rear axle, so it’s considered a real Bugatti, mind you. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 3.3-liter straight-8 engine.

The fact that this is concept and not an actual road car, like the Atlantics that came after the original concept, can be traced to the non-ventilated cabin, as well as the lack of windshield wipers. Jay Leno was certainly brave enough to drive such an expensive car down the road but, as you can tell by the video, driving in California during the summer with no ventilation is certainly not a very pleasant experience.


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