Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Breaks Top Speed Record For SUVs On Ice

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk has demonstrated again that it’s a force to be reckoned with by setting a new top speed record for SUVs – this time on ice.

The run took place at the annual 2019 Speed Days of the Baikal Ice Motor Sports Festival in Russia, and GPS trackers measured it hitting a maximum speed of 280 km/h (174 mph), on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal.

The super SUV achieved the record-breaking speed from a rolling start, over a distance of 1 km (0.62 miles). The average speed was 257+ km/h (160 mph) from a rolling start and 100+ km/h (62 mph) from a standing start. For the run, all “unnecessary items were removed from the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk”, Jeep said, and they also made sure that it had sufficient fuel in the tank.

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To ensure a safe environment, the total length of the course was 12 km (7.5 miles). The track was cleared of packed snow and hummocks that could’ve affected the safety of drivers and judges alike, and only then the vehicle was set loose.

Even then, hitting such speeds was dangerous, given that the surface of the lake was covered in a film of water that reduced grip. Luckily, everything went smooth, as the Trackhawk was aided in its run by the four-wheel drive system with limited-slip rear differential, single-speed active transfer case, Selec-Track system with five driving modes and Brembo brakes.

The achievement has been recorded and licensed by judges from the Russian Automobile Federation with FIA-approved equipment, and the maximum speed has been included in Russia’s official Book of Records.

With tarmac under its feet, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 290 km/h (180 mph) thanks to its the Hellcat-derived, 707 HP 6.2-liter V8.


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