Jeremy Clarkson Thinks F1 Must Change – And Boy Does He Have Some Ideas…

Formula 1 is in an interesting position at the moment, and while Liberty Media is trying to boost viewership, many racing enthusiasts are losing interest in the sport. Jeremy Clarkson is one of them.

In a video posted to the Drive Tribe page on YouTube, the British journalist and The Grand Tour host details what he thinks is wrong with F1 today and offers a number of solutions he believes can re-ignite interest in the ultimate form of open-wheel racing.

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Jezza being Jezza, we wouldn’t expect anything remotely rational ordinary – and, naturally, he didn’t go that way.

For starters, Clarkson thinks the race stewards should be kicked to the curb and drivers should be encouraged to drive dangerously. In fact, he thinks competitors should actually be rewarded with championship points for dangerous driving. While this will never happen, he does go on to make a valid (oh yes…) point that F1 cars should be designed to sustain more abuse, allowing drivers to bang wheels and bodywork without ruining their cars.

Then, the expletives start. We can’t repeat in writing what Clarkson says, but keep in mind that it is definitely not safe for work.

The (very) outspoken journalist ultimately believes the FIA, F1’s governing body, needs to radicalize the sport. If this means the winner of a race starts at the back of the grid for the next race, so be it. He also thinks it needs much more wheel-to-wheel racing instead of just seeing the Mercedes team accelerate off into the distance and rarely being challenged for race victories.

We’re inclined to agree on that one, as knowing beforehand that a Silver Arrow will cross the finish line first nine times out of 10 is getting a bit old. Not so sure about drivers banging into each other, though (Max Verstappen wouldn’t mind…), as safety always comes first, or some other of his ideas, but we’ve learned that JC is probably the most politically incorrect journo out there. We wouldn’t have him any other way.


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