Kia Driver Cuts Off Rider Who Lands On Hood, Then Angrily Smashes Windshield

Here’s yet another classic case of being at fault versus poor judgement, where both parties did something they shouldn’t have, although the driver was definitely legally bound to wait until the motorcycle rider had passed before executing that left turn.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Kia took their sweet time turning, and while we understand that he first had to give way to a white/silver minivan, in the end, he was still obligated to check if the coast was clear. Alas, that didn’t happen and the rider crashed into the Korean sedan.

Not your straightforward car-bike accident

A good 4-5 seconds pass after the Kia comes into view and the actual moment of impact. During this time, the rider could have decelerated (even though he wasn’t going that fast), or even come to a complete halt. Instead, he chose to rev his motor, either by mistake or to let the driver know he was there.

Regardless of why it happened, once the throttle was applied instead of the brake, there was certainly no turning back and next thing you know, the rider ends up standing on the car’s hood.

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The rider didn’t appear to sustain any major injuries, telling people at the scene that he was OK. At the same time, we certainly can’t condone the type of behavior where you kick in somebody’s windshield. That was completely unnecessary.  We understand being angry, shaken up and everything in-between, but the car itself had no fault with what happened, only the driver.


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