Koenigsegg Could Compete In New Le Mans Hypercar Class

Christian von Koenigsegg said the Swedish hypercar manufacturer he founded is interested in racing at the Le Mans 24 Hours in the upcoming hypercar class.

While talking with Road & Track recently, after the FIA announced all the regulations for the LMP1-replacing series, von Koenigsegg said it has interest in the series but needs to further evaluate the rules.

“The first set of regulations really excluded any possibility for us to go racing. So, we put our efforts on ice. The new regulations [announced last week] look much more feasible on the surface—but we have not yet had time to fully evaluate them. The interest from our side persists, but for the time being we have no announcement,” he said.

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Speaking both at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in March and in September last year, Koenigsegg revealed its interest in the hypercar endurance racing class. The company said it would have made no sense for it to compete in endurance racing in the last decade or so because balance of performance regulations would have crippled it against the likes of Porsche 911s and Ferrari 458s.

Under the hypercar regulations, both specialized prototypes and machines based on road-going hypercars can compete on the condition that at least 20 production models are built over a two-year period. The vehicles will have a minimum weight of 1100 kg and produce 750 hp. Hybrid systems will be optional and those entrants which do run such powertrains can’t have their electric motors exceed 270 hp. The class will open for the 2020/2021 season and Aston Martin, Toyota, and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus have already thrown their hats in.

If Koenigsegg does decide to compete, it could do so with the Jesko hypercar but would have to restrict its 1600 hp engine to 750 hp. Road & Track reports that the Swedish car manufacturer has already rendered how a Jesko-based racing car could look, sparking hopes that it could compete in the promising series.

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