Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Is Everything A Supercar Should Be

From the moment Lamborghini was born out of a feud between Ferruccio and Enzo, it has been building some of the industry’s most iconic supercars. The Diablo has to rank up there as one of its finest.

Built between 1990 and 2001, the prolific Diablo replaced the Countach and was built in a number of different specifications. Doug DeMuro recently had the opportunity to test out a VT Roadster, which ranks among the most iconic versions.

The Diablo VT Roadster was introduced in late 1995 and was powered by a naturally-aspirated V12 pumping out 485 hp in 1997 guise, as the one featured here. There were more powerful Diablos sold, including the SE30 and SV that had 585 hp and 510 hp, respectively. However, there is something really cool about driving a Diablo and being able to enjoy that screaming V12 with the roof down.

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As the Diablo was launched before the VW Group took control of Lamborghini, it was filled with curious Italian quirks which you won’t find on any other car. For example, the climate control system actually says ‘Climate Control’, just in case owners can’t work out what the those buttons are actually for.

Another particularly bizarre part is the interior light panel located between the seats that includes switches for both the driver and passenger-side lights plus a third switch which allows you to adjust the position of the passenger-side light. Doesn’t make much sense, but it’s just one of those things which makes cars of this era so intriguing.


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