Lego Technic Enthusiast Creates McLaren 720S Model Out Of Scratch

There is a thriving community of Lego Technic enthusiasts out there, and one such builder has just showcased their bespoke McLaren 720S that was built from scratch.

Putting together a Lego Technic model with instructions is no easy task, but this builder over at the Euro Bricks forum created the 1:18 scale 720S on the fly and over a period of two years. All the parts were sourced from the Lego Technic catalog and he says he has compiled a list of parts and instructions which he’ll sell online to other master builders.

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Beneath the skin of the model is a full monocoque made from black Lego parts. The chassis consists of the passenger cell as well as front and rear crash structures, and this is where most of the mechanical parts, such as the engine and suspension components, were positioned, exactly like in the real car. The body panels were then fitted around the monocoque.

We think the front end is particularly impressive. The builder has somehow managed to arrange the various parts in such a way as to mimic the controversial ‘eye-socket’ design of Woking’s current Super Series model, as well as the curve on its hood. Other impressive aspects include the butterfly doors which are fully functional, the moveable rear wing and thin tubes of red plastic that mimic the look of the car’s tailpipes.

Why, the man even designed and built a bag that can fit under the car’s front trunk! Talk about obsession with even the tiniest detail…

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