Lexus On Schedule To Launch Its Latest Autonomous Tech Next Year

Lexus has detailed the various projects it is undertaking to advance its future range of vehicles.

During an event celebrating its 30th anniversary, as reported by , Lexus revealed that it is working on its latest autonomous driving system with the intention of rolling it out next year.

According to Automobile Magazine, Lexus’ Level II autonomous driving system will be designed to work “from [highway] entrance to exit” and likely include an automated lane-change and/or passing feature. The car manufacturer has been extensively testing such systems on roads throughout Japan and is almost ready to make it a feature available to customers.

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In addition to its announcement regarding autonomy, the automaker revealed that it is also working on advances in vehicle connectivity, where its models will be able to communicate with a centralized data center for real-time traffic information.

Lexus also said that moving forward, all of its models will offer some sort of electrified powertrain, meaning either EVs, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or fuel-cell options and will tailor its powertrain choices to individual markets.

The Japanese luxury car manufacturer may not receive the same amount of attention for its driver assistance systems like those from Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz and others, but it does offer radar cruise control and lane-keeping assist functions for many of its models, allowing for worry-free highway driving. However, in the industry’s aggressive push towards autonomy, such systems are now becoming commonplace on even affordable cars, prompting the company to step up its game.

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