Man Takes To Philadelphia Streets In A Power Wheels Car

A man in Philadelphia has been filmed driving along city streets in what appears to be an electric Power Wheels car that is actually meant to be used by children and not alongside traffic.

Footage showing the man’s bizarre choice of transportation was posted on social media by student Corbin Weaver and quickly attracted attention, including that of CBS Local which aired a small segment about the man.

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Limited details are available regarding how long the man was driving the kid’s car or what exactly prompted him to do it. Perhaps he thought it would be a good way to slice through traffic jams or maybe it was a dare? Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly dangerous.

In the video, the man can be seen changing lanes in the tiny kid’s car. He doesn’t appear to have any difficulty keeping up with the slow-moving city traffic, but it would be very easy for an inattentive driver not to notice him, due to the vehicle’s diminutive dimensions, and an accident to occur. If you thought riding a motorcycle or scooter was dangerous, this takes things to an entirely new level.

There’s no word on whether or not police are looking out for him, but issuing him a ticket that would dissuade him from repeating this kind of behavior wouldn’t be such a bad idea, for his own safety as well.

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