Manhart Performance Working On Boosted BMW Z4 With 500 HP

The latest-generation BMW Z4 is still quite new but tuning company Manhart Performance has already started developing an upgrade package for the German roadster, previewing the car with a pair of renderings.

The tuner appears to have used the range-topping Z4 M40i as the base for its tuning package and has outfitted the front fascia with a subtle lip spoiler. Additionally, the grille surrounds have been blacked out and we can see that the Z4 now sits on a set of aftermarket black wheels. BMW purists may not be overly pleased with the modifications but they’re certainly fitting of a vehicle from Manhart.

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At the rear, Manhart has created a distinctive lip spoiler for the car while also developing a new diffuser and fitting different quad tailpipes.

While most of these modifications are relatively subtle, the black and gold livery covering the Z4’s exterior is far from subtle. At the front, for example, the roadster is now adorned with gold accents around its air intakes and bumper. There is also a large gold stripe running along one side of the hood.

The black and gold theme continues to the sides where there is a gold element stretching from the front wheel through to the rear wheel. Gold accents are also found across the rear bumper, diffuser, and tailgate.

Manhart dubs its latest creation the MHZ4 500, indicating that it will work its magic on the car’s 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine to lift power from 382 hp all the way to 500 hp.

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