Matte Carbon McLaren P1 Makes Stealth Bombers Look Puny In Comparison

The McLaren P1 is about as insane as road-legal hypercars get, and while it may be six years old, it is still capable of pulling off some extraordinary things, as you can see in the following video.

This particular P1 is owned by noted car collector and real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin and the clip offers us a detailed look at the British hybrid hypercar.

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The collector’s P1 has an interesting story. It originally left the factory painted white and with a matching white interior. Shortly after McLaren announced it was offering full carbon fiber bodies to existing owners of the P1, Khoshbin had the car sent back to Woking. Clearly eager to make a statement, he had the new carbon fiber tint painted in a series of different colors to give it a chameleon finish.

We thought it looked pretty good but, before long, the P1 was sent back to the UK for a second time and the tint was ditched in favor of matte carbon. Khoshbin also had the headlights tinted black for the full black-on-black effect. It’s unclear how much the budding YouTuber spent on the two custom carbon fiber bodies, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it cost him upwards of $1 million.

Khoshbin keeps his cars, such as his P1, in a pristine garage with glistening white floors and walls. Mind you, they don’t spend all of their time there waiting to appreciate, as he frequently drives them and, as far as the P1 is concerned, is more than happy to push it on public roads.


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