McLaren 570S Driver Refuses Ford F-150 Street Race, Pickup Still Goes At It, Meets Karma

Out of all the cars in the world to challenge for a drag race, a Ford F-150 driver decided that the McLaren 570S was the best match for his truck.

Leaving aside the fact that drag racing on public roads is a stupid and dangerous thing to do, the truck driver also seemed to ignore that a 570S would smoke even an F-150 Raptor any day of the week. He also appeared to have difficulty choosing a safe place for a drag race since a police car was behind his Ford truck.

As the previous-generation F-150 pulled alongside the 570S on the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville, Indiana, the truck driver started revving the engine, much to the amusement of the man sitting behind the wheel of the British supercar. Out of courtesy, the McLaren driver responded by revving the engine as well but warned the truck guy that a police car was behind them.

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Unfortunately for him, the pickup driver proved also poor at picking up signs so when the lights went green he stomped on the gas and left the McLaren in the dust. He also left the police car way behind but the officer quickly made up the lost ground and eventually caught the speeding truck. You can watch the funny episode in the video uploaded on YouTube by the McLaren driver himself, along with his (responsible) take on the matter.

‘Wanna go to Mexico’ is a popular term used by street racers when initiating a street race. I get asked too frequently when driving. Street Racing is illegal! I take my cars to road courses or drag strips to experience speed. Unfortunately, the truck next to me was serious about going to Mexico. Racing is best done on the tracks dedicated for speed. I’ll be happy to play then!


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