McLaren 720S Battles It Out Against Lamborghini Aventador S

Not long ago, the Lamborghini Aventador and its rivals competed in the upper echelon of the supercar market, with lesser supercars, such as the Huracan, Ferrari 458 Italia/488 GTB and McLaren 650S occupying the ‘junior’ supercar space. That’s no longer the case.

With the launch of the 720S a couple of years ago, McLaren pushed the performance envelope of the mid-range supercar to previously unexplored heights. The result is that it now knocks on the door of more expensive and supposedly faster alternatives.

In a bid to see just how fast the McLaren 720S is, CarWow lined up a Spyder alongside an Aventador S Roadster for a series of performance tests.

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The first test was a drag race. With rain falling, the rear-wheel drive McLaren had a little difficulty sprinting off the line, giving the AWD Lambo an immediate advantage. However, it soon started to claw its way back and, by the end of the quarter mile, actually blasted past the Lamborghini!

In the second test, the duo lined up for a rolling race from 40 mph (64 km/h) in second gear. The McLaren has a serious torque advantage over the Lamborghini and once it came on boost, easily sped past it.

The final face-off came in the form of a brake test, where the Lamborghini secured the win.

It is rather amazing just how fast the 720S is, even though its been two and a half years since its release. However, the successor to the aging Aventador will reportedly be a hybrid with upwards of 1,000 hp – and the game will start anew.


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