Mercedes-AMG G63 Proclaimed The Most Desirable Big SUV In The World

It’s not that hard to see why the G-Class has been around for so long, but the latest iteration really made it way better in every single way without losing its charm, which is something that deserves all the praise Mercedes can get.

The re-engineered platform really shines in the range-topping G63, where the Germans stuffed their twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 under the bonnet and cranked it to produce 577 HP (585 PS) and 627lb-ft (850Nm) of torque.

Mercedes claims that 0-60 mph comes in 4.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.5), while top speed is electronically limited to 137 mph (220 km/h). Tick the right option, though, and the limiter is lifted to 149mph (240km/h).

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Whereas the old G63 would struggle keeping everything in check on a winding road due to its ancient underpinnings, the new one is nothing short of a revelation, according to Chris Harris who, in order to prove his point, took this rather lovely dark green press car on a track.

As it turns out, you can actually use the huge power reserves of the V8 and not end up in a ditch thanks to features like the new independent, double wishbone front axle directly mounted to the ladder frame and the latest AMG Performance 4Matic all-wheel drive.

Then there’s the lovely interior, which is now on par with every other luxury SUV in the market and comes with Mercedes’ dual-screen setup. Sure, the available room for passengers and their stuff might not be the greatest in this price range, but the G63’s charm is so overwhelming, you’ll simply won’t care.


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