Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S: A Sexy Super Saloon For Those Who Want It All

With the unveiling of the new generation CLS, Mercedes-AMG is no longer offering a 63 version. But that’s okay, because they have something even more impressive to cater to those who see the E63 as being bland.

It’s the AMG GT 63 S, a four-door supercar with the comfort of a GT, designed as an intercontinental surface-to-surface missile that can also take on some of the most engaging racing tracks in the world and come out on top of some prestigious blue-blooded exotics. And it does all of this without sacrificing the rear seats and cargo capacity.

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Compared to the E63 S, the GT 63 S looks much sportier thanks to its four-door coupe design, and benefits from a number of technical improvements and weight saving measures. Traction is absolutely sublime on any road surface and tire noise is actually better than in its more mainstream sibling. You also get rear-wheel steer for better maneuverability, sharp steering and a meaty engine, combined with a loud exhaust that lets you enjoy the V8’s growl.

The only problem with Affalterbach’s Porsche Panamera Turbo S rival is the pricing. It costs a minimum of £132,765 ($160,172/€142,942) in the UK to get the 630 HP S, or £118,565 ($143,040/€127,653) for the 577 HP standard version. The four-door E63 S, which has 603 HP, has a more reasonable £92,645 ($111,770/€99,747) price tag, and it’s still comfortable, spacious and very darn fast, with the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) taking only 3.4 seconds, 0.2 seconds more than the GT 63 S.

Which one should you go for? The answer is pretty obvious: if you put extreme performance and sexy looks at the top of your list, and can afford it, the GT is a no-brainer. If, on the other hand, practicality and a more affordable price are more important, then the E-Class is a perfectly fine, and still extremely fast, super saloon. Decisions, decisions…


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