Mercedes-AMG GT3 Race Car Updated With New Looks And More Tech

The updated Mercedes-AMG GT3 has been unveiled at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race.

Described as a “further development” of its predecessor, the new car features a number of changes that promise to take the model to a whole “new level.”

Looking even more aggressive than before, the updated racer has a new front bumper, revised flics and a modified rear apron. The model also boasts new headlights as well as a front splitter and rear wing that can be adjusted more quickly.

Interior changes are relatively minor, but Mercedes says the GT3 has an optimized drinking system and a rubberized steering wheel grip for enhanced control.

Since performance is the name of the game, engineers created a newly optional Drop Start function. It automatically starts the engine as soon as the car is dropped from its integrated air jacks.

Besides that time saving feature, there’s an optimized traction control system and a retuned anti-lock braking system which is better tailored to modern competition tires. There’s also a new air filter that is easier to access.

Besides the aforementioned changes, the new GT3 has a system that “allows for automatic recording and analysis of the running time of vehicle components.” Mercedes says this is a world first for race cars and it will help race teams in a number of ways. In particular, teams will no longer have to manually record data and they’ll be able to precisely see which components need to be replaced. This promises to save teams money as they won’t accidentally replace parts that still have some life left in them.

Speaking of cost savings, Mercedes focused on making the GT3 more affordable to run. As part of this effort, they improved the 6.3-liter V8 engine to ensure it has a longer running time between rebuilds.

Besides the engine modifications, engineers optimized the front section of the car to better protect the radiator. They also added a new integral beam which helps to protect the engine, front axle and steering system. Thanks to these changes, minor accidents and collisions will be less costly to repair.

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Deliveries are slated to begin late this year and pricing starts at €399,000 ($453,275 / £356,003) before taxes. Owners of the current car will be able to order an update package which will bring them up to the “optical and technical standard of the new Mercedes-AMG GT3.”

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