Mini Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Tour Across Europe

The annual International Mini Meeting is dedicated to the brand’s 60th anniversary this year, with the company’s Classic division staging a road trip across Europe.

The trip will start in Athens, Greece and will end up in the UK, paying a tribute to the creator of the classic Mini, Alec Issigonis.

Issigonis had Greek, British and German roots and he’s credited with the original Mini’s clever design, which managed to offer exceptional room for its size thanks to ingenious packaging.

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Mini Classic will participate at the road trip with two one-off special models: a classic Mini Convertible and a first-gen Mini Cooper, the one that relaunched the brand as a whole.

The two cars will feature a brightly colored patchwork pattern, ranging from the front bumper to the tailgate, created by a street artist named CHEBA. The two special Minis will be accompanied by a plug-in hybrid Mini Countryman Cooper SE on their journey across Europe.

The road trip will start in Greece on July 25, with the cars to arrive in Bristol, UK on August 8, passing through Sofia, Belgrade, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Rotterdam and Oxford. Along the way, there will be stopovers at local Mini clubs and other brands’ fan clubs, including the Trabant club in Leipzig.

The International Mini Meeting has become an annual event for four decades, celebrating the history of the classic Mini and the values of a brand that was first launched in 1959. The special anniversary event will end with a big birthday party on Sunday, August 11.

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